Ed Davenport Inc is a general trucking company that was started over 60 years ago by Ed Davenport. EDI was one of the original trucking firms to haul sand out of sand mines in Voca, TX. We primarily haul sands in pneumatic trailers, hopper trailers, or flat beds. We mainly service the oil & gas industry and also deliver to silo storage sites as well as commercial and industrial sites all over Texas and surrounding states. Types of sands include frac sands, foundry sands, blasts sands and general industrial use sands. Other freight includes bagged sands, agricultural commodities, and general freight.

In September of 2011, Ed Davenport Inc was purchased by a small group of investors from the Brady, TX area. The new owners are committed to superior service to their customers. Our promise to our customers is to constantly improve our company while providing fast, efficient, quality service. We are located on San Angelo Highway just north of Brady, TX city limits so come stop by and say hello!

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